The DEAP module contains various sensors that can be programmed using the DEAP V2 Software. The Activation Protocol can be a sequence of RPM, Pump Cycles, Pressure differential or a combination of all. The activation protocol could also be various durations of parameters. Whichever is most suitable to the well application.

The DEAP Module can be attached to the “tool” that needs activated. In the photos there is a DEAP module which has been designed to fit the AVS module.

Programming and Activation

The DEAP activated tool can be programmed using the DEAP V2 Software.

DEAP logo v2 software

This is extremenly versatile and almost any parameter can be programmed into the tool to effect and activation. The most common and simplest are using the internal MEMS gyro for RPM and Pump cycles. Some examples of Activation protocols are given below”

For example, a well trajectory that is tortuous and suffers from high torques and stick slip may not be suitable for an RPM based activation protocol. In this case, the tool can be programmed with an RPM protocol but also a pump cycle protocol. If the RPM protocol was not read by the tool due to severe stick / slip, the Pump Cycle protocol can be used. Several protocols can be stored simultaneously in the tool and used at any time.