Design & Engineering

Design Capability

Design CapabilityWe thrive on challenges. Over the years we have built up a comprehensive capability to design, manufacture and test the products that we develop. The range of AVOS tools has led to extraordinary research and development of the mechanics, electronics and power packages to deliver exactly what we aimed to achieve ….logical functionality, reliability, long life and tools that just work!

The creative results of our Design Department can be demonstrated by the range of products that we have developed. Our capabilities range from straight forward mechanical CAD through to more sophisticated design techniques. Our design staff work to the latest international standards.


Downhole Tool Manufacturing

Our Engineering Facility has developed as a specialist downhole tool manufacturer.

Through our parent company Cutting & Wear (C&W), who’s first products were integral blade stabilizer bodies which were manufactured up to 36″ diameter, more sophisticated products have followed over the years including fishing tools, directional drilling tools and core drilling equipment.

One of our many strengths is manufacturing complex hardfaced components, combining our proven hardfacing technology with its sophisticated engineering expertise to produce industry leading components and tools.

The formation of IDT in 2008 brought together all those skills and introduced new ones such as; downhole electronics, power generation, software controls and many others that were required to develop the AVOS tools.

We manufacture components and tools to comply with the industry’s various standards API, DS1, NS1, we are also approved to API Spec Q1, API Spec 7, Lloyds register ISO 9001:2000.

Downhole Tool Manufacturing


Engineering Capabilities

At IDT we are totally committed to meeting customer requirements in terms of quality and service.

We place considerable importance on the experience, expertise and training of our staff, as this is critical for our future success and continued growth.

Cutting and Wear (C&W) were established in 1968 and have evolved to offer a comprehensive engineering service to companies in the energy sector. The formation of IDT in 2008 has expanded the skill set and engineering tailored to delivering specific niche downhole tools.

Engineering Capabilities Since 2010 C&W and IDT have occupied a 25,000 sq ft facility offering an extensive range of engineering workshop services.

These include a dedicated cell for engineering of small components, plus a large component engineering shop and a dedicated climate controlled “clean” room for assembly and testing of the AVOS tools. Ancillary operations also include phosphating and shot peening. C&W is accredited with both API Q1 and ISO 9001-2000 CAD/CAM. All IDT tools are dynamically tested on our own flow loop.


All CNC machines are linked to the DNC system which allows the management of all programmes. With the CAM system machines can be programmed remotely using drawings from the CAD system. 3D animated CAD models can be constructed to prove concepts and to perform stress analysis before metal is cut.


Flow Loop

The flow loop consists of 2 engine pump sets as below:

Oilwell 220P driven by 725HP engine

7 “Liners     

750gpm at 1165 PSI

Alternative flow/pressure configurations are available with alternative liners.  The flow loop is fully instrumented using national instruments labview monitoring 2 pressure channels and flow & pump stroke. All data can be used live and downloaded. 



C&W has a modern Inspection facility with equipment traceable to national standards. Facilities for hardness testing, BHN, Vickers and Rockwell are all supported, plus a wide range of API and thread gauges, ultrasonic, MPI and dye penetrant inspection.