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AVOS stands for Annular Velocity Optimisation System. Intelligent Drilling Tools Ltd. have developed a family of electronic “Intelligent” downhole tools to enable enhanced Hole Cleaning while drilling. This is done utilising Splitflow technology to increase the overall flowrate, resulting in up to 20% increase in Annular Velocity.Our AVS tool is a multi-position downhole circulating valve that can be engineered utilising our Splitflow software to achieve optimum AV to enhance hole cleaning. In Splitflow position, the TFA can be engineered to suit well requirements using our Diffuser nozzles. In full Bypass position, 4 large ports with 4in² TFA are opened and a ball valve closes off the bore.

This is to ensure that no debris or LCM material can enter the BHA which might block MWD or Bit nozzles. The AVD tool performs the same functions as the AVS but has a fully integrated BHA Disconnect module which can be functioned should the BHA become stuck and the Operator decided to leave the stuck BHA. No balls, darts or any surface deployed system is required.

The AVT is a single position electronic circulating valve designed for use in the drillstring. It has full Bypass position and is intended for use in conjunction with an AVS in the BHA, where the TANDEM downlink protocol can be deployed.

This is for ERD type wells where sections of the hole are cleaned in turn to ensure maximum cuttings removal in the quickest time.

The charts below are examples of the increase in AV for the AVS tools vs a conventional BHA. Also, the total volume of fluid pumped in barrels AND in the number of “bottoms up” while drilling.

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