Cost and Time Savings using DEAP activated drilling tools

The charts below demonstrate the time and cost savings in rig spread cost when comparing the time to activate a DEAP activated tool such as the AVS circulation sub compared to a drop ball / dart / RFID type tool.

Lost Circulation – The AVS can be programmed with a specific activation protocol for lost circulation. This is RPM only and no pumping is required. In a total losses situation, hundreds of barrels of mud can be saved compared to a drop ball/dart system which requires pumping to activate the circ sub.








Hole Cleaning while Drilling

The Splitflow position on the AVS allows for effective hole cleaning while drilling by optimising the AV and cleaning out more cuttings over time compared to conventional circulating.

  • Reduce cuttings loading in the annulus
  • Reduce TD circulating times to clean the hole
  • Reduce trip times with less potential back reaming and working through cuttings beds
  • Reduce bottoms up times for quicker gas and cuttings analysis