IDT 8” AVS MK3c Loading out for Operator in Norway!

AVS in IOT workshop, Stavanger, fitted with X/O’s and lift sub ready to be sent out to the COSL Innovator semi-submersible offshore Norway.

The AVS will be used during the P&A of an exploration well to pump and clean out cement. The Operator is keen to see how the downlinking system works. This is the MK3c tool with upgraded internals and software.


IDT 1st Run for AVS MK3b Circulating valve in Kurdistan!

DQE Rig 51 in Kurdistan and the 8” AVS undergoing surface checks prior to the run

The AVS was selected by a Norwegian Operator drilling an exploration well in Kurdistan. The brief was to run the AVS below the MWD tool which only the AVS can do and jet a stabiliser that is prone to pack off, making pulling out the hole very difficult. After a 3 week transit across Europe and through Turkey the AVS eventually arrived at the rigsite. The tools were plugged into and checked electronically and function tested. Everything checked out even in the 49 degC surface heat! The AVS was run in the hole and shallow functioned perfectly. Downlinking took only 6 minutes. Drilling 12 ¼” hole commenced until 1400m. The BHA was POH with the AVS in Bypass position to clean up the well rapidly and jet the stabiliser. The BHA came out the hole with no overpulls and the stabiliser was perfectly clean. It took another 5 weeks before the tools were back in Sheffield but overall a fantastic first trial for the AVS. Since then the tools have been stripped down and minor mechanical upgrades made and the software updated to ensure even quicker downlinks.

IDT Test AVS MK3 Tool at Weatherford Research Centre Aberdeen

At the beginning of March, IDT took the latest version of the AVS tool, the MK3, to Aberdeen for downhole testing at the Weatherford Research Centre. The deepest well at 4000ft was used to test the 8” tools. The MK3 AVS uses a new MEMS Gyro for RPM monitoring as well as several mechanical improvements over the MK2 AVS tool tested last November 2016. New software protocols were also tested which were aimed at improving the reliability and speed of the downlinks. The tests were 100% successful with all test objectives met and exceeded. The team are now analysing the downloaded logs from the tools memory and the surface data from the research centre.

IDT at the Hague SPE/IADC Drilling Technology Conference

The IDT Team had a stand at the SPE/IADC Conference and Exhibition held in the the Hague, Netherlands. The new animations were running in the background on a large TV screen and there was a lot of interest from attendees who were drawn into the stand by the revised graphics and general layout. Some heads of well engineering of large oil companies sat and were talked through the AVOS tools by Gordon Hunter while watching the animations. The overall message was very positive and a lot of quality contacts were made.