D17 Profile

AkerBP select the 7″ AVS over drop ball systems for their 16/1-D17 -AY4 multi lateral well using the Maersk Integrator jack up rig. The AVS was picked up and run to 3342m, drilled out the 9 5/8″ shoetrack and drilled the 8 1/2″ hole AY4 horizontally to TD at 5605m. The AVS was then downlinked and switched to Splitflow mode where an enhanced clean up took place, increasing the flow rate from 1900lpm to 2400lpm for the same pump pressure. The 4X8/32″ nozzles in the AVS allowed a Splitflow percentage of 27/73 with 1750lpm through the BHA and 650lpm through the AVS nozzles. The AVS was then downlinked to and shifted back to Thrubore for the trip out the hole. Downlinks took 10mins and 8mins respectively.

AkerBP fully endorse the AVS and state that it saved them over 2 hrs rig time compared to a drop ball system. Download the full case study

AkerBP D17 Case Study