Intelligent Drilling Tools was formed in 2008 between Cutting & Wear Resistant Developments Ltd., a leading downhole drilling tools manufacturer and Gordon Hunter, a highly experienced drilling professional. The engineering excellence of C&W combined with the technical and drilling applications knowledge of Gordon, has allowed IDT to become a leader in electronically activated, programmable downhole drilling tools that are finding application in all types of wells.

Meet The Team

Mark Russell
Gordon Hunter
Mark Booth
Rob Smith
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Mark Russell – Chairman, C&W

Gordon Hunter – Managing Director, IDT

Andy Ollerenshaw – Technical Director, C&W

Mark Booth – Senior Development Engineer, IDT

Rob Smith – Senior Mechanical Engineer – IDT




The focus of the company was to develop technologies that could seriously mitigate the biggest NPT and costliest events in the drilling world…stuck pipe, tight hole and associated poor drilling performance. This focus lead to the development of the iDisc, a fully automated BHA disconnect which would negate the need for wireline, explosives and 3rd parties to be able to disconnect in the event of a stuck BHA.

In a large percentage of stuck pipe, the root cause is often poor hole cleaning. The technologies developed for the iDISC were then applied to a new and radical drilling multi-cycle circulating valve, initially called iCIRC later re-branded as the AVS.

At the core of our technologies are clever and robust electronics, software and superb mechanical engineering.

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