Electronic, Multi-position Circulating Valves and BHA Disconnect Systems

Standard circulating tool with Splitflow and Bypass.
Tandem circulating tool used in conjunction with AVS or AVD for the Tandem Hole Cleaning Protocol.
Standard Circulating tool with an Integrated BHA Disconnect module installed.
Stuck Pipe

Annular Velocity and Hole Cleaning

Ever since the late 80’s and 90’s there has been extensive research by most of the major operators such as, Exxon, Shell, BP, Total and others, to try and understand the cuttings transportation mechanism taking place in highly inclined and horizontal wells. It was seen, through practical experimentation, that cuttings beds were forming and taking up to 50% of the annular space when “conventional” drilling parameters were used. Read More…

Stuck Pipe

Splitflow and Variable Diffuser Nozzles

Splitflow is a method whereby a percentage of the flow being pumped down the drillstring is diverted above the BHA, partially bypassing the smaller ID’s of drill collars and BHA tools such as motors, RSS and the bit which consume valuable available standpipe pressure. Enough flow and back pressure is maintained through the BHA to power tools and provide bit hydraulics. Read More…


Downlinking to the AVOS tools

AVOS tools are electronic with onboard sensors and power packs. Commands are sent to the tools via surface Downlinking. This is a simple sequence of RPM followed by a pumps on/off cycle. The tools read the sequence and move to the corresponding position. There are no balls, darts or any mechanical devices pumped down the drillstring. Read More…

Electronic Drilling Tools that are smart in application and execution, providing improved Hole Cleaning while Drilling and new solutions to Stuck Pipe.

Intelligent Drilling Tools Ltd. (IDT) brings to the market smart tools that add value and provide solutions to some of the more fundamental issues that confront the Operator in todays high cost drilling environment.

IDT has focused on designing a family of Electronic Circulating Valves and BHA Disconnect tools called AVOS…..”Annular Velocity Optimisation System”. A solution for hole cleaning management and reliable outcome in a stuck pipe situation without the need for 3rd parties and protracted surface intervention. Utilising our AVOS tools can result in up to 20% improvement in Annular Velocity and the corresponding improvement in Hole Cleaning.

The tools have great flexibility and ease of use with their multiple positions, always throughbore and activation by surface downlinking. No balls, darts or anything else needs to be pumped down the drillstring. The AVOS tools can be placed anywhere in the drillstring including below the MWD if desired. They can operate in the longest and most extreme ERD wells and can be activated in less than 6 minutes regardless of length or inclination.

AVOS tools have been designed, manufactured and built to the highest standards at our manufacturing facility in Sheffield, UK.

Having this capability in the Drillstring at all times will save cost through efficient hole cleaning and less time spent tripping and working tight hole. Please view our animations and performance AV charts throughout this website.