Halliburton selected the AVS as part of their Directional drilling BHA for a horizontal test well drilled at Ullrig in Stavanger. 10 3/4″ casing was set horizontally with a 12 deg/30m build up section. There was then a planned 9.5″ horizontal hole section. The AVS was picked up and drilled out the shoetrack with no issues. A remedial cement job on the shoe to get the required shoe strength, was then conducted. the AVS was racked back in the derrick for a week before being picked up again to drill out cement. The BHA became stuck inside the shoe with cement debris and took 4 hrs to jar free. The AVS was downlinked in less than 6 mins and opened to Splitflow position to jet the shoe track area. This was done successfully with no issues. A great test of the AVS function and integrity. When the log from the ASV was downloaded it showed in excess of 50g shocks (max we can record) but perfect functioning of the tool.