The Luno 2 exploration well drilled by Lundin Energy with the COSL Innovator semi submersible, was the latest trial for the 8″ AVS electronic multi position circulating valve. This was the latest MK3c version with revised seals and upgraded internals. The tool was programmed to respond to a simple downlink consisting of a reference RPM followed by a pump cycle sequence. Downlinks take around 6 minutes to complete. The AVS BHA was run to 1100m, the downlinks sent to change into Splitflow and then to Bypass. The downlinks were received but due to a sticking piston, later found out to be excessive seal friction, the tool did not start functioning until later in the sequence. This issue has now been revised and Lundin signed a 2 year contract with IDT that will allow live well testing of the smaller 7″ MK4 AVS when it becomes available at the end of 2019